ReSound LINX Hearing Aids

ReSound LiNX Hearing Aid Overview


  • “Hearing is believing”
  • Imagine a new kind of experience that lets you hear more of everything.
  • “The coolest hearing aid I’ve ever seen.”
  • Your hearing aids become a wireless stereo headset for you to listen to music, a pod-cast, GPS turn-by-turn instructions while driving hands-free or video chat with a loved one and hear them clearly.
  • “It connects directly with my iPhone, I didn’t even know that was possible.”
Features Benefits
Made for iPhone® Direct sound streaming, personalized to your every need. Connect through your iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® and enjoy high quality sound through a wireless stereo headset that just happens to be your hearing aids.
Live Listen™ Uses your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a tabletop microphone, giving you control in noisy environments.
ReSound Smart™ app Allows full personalization by allowing you to adjust your volume at your favorite restaurant, fine-tune treble/base at a concert or even locate misplaced hearing aids.
Geo-tagging Automatically adjusts custom settings for different locations. Imagine being able to always go to your favorite settings for work, the gym or your favorite restaurant.
Find my hearing aids Locate misplaced hearing aids


ReSound Verso Hearing Aid Overview

ReSound Verso delivers outstanding sound quality with the best in feedback management.



  • Small, discreet
  • Reduces the chance of whistling and feedback while delivering deep, rich sound
  • Preserves the sound quality of music, so that it sounds richer, fuller and more natural
Features Benefits
Binaural Fusion Binaural functionality makes it easy for patients to use and allows both instruments work together to adjust and optimize the settings for different listening environments.
Dual Stabilizer™ II Reduces the chance of whistling and feedback while delivering deep, rich sound
Natural Directionality™ II Delivers speech clarity in background noise especially in noisy environments like restaurants
UniteTM Mini Microphone compatible Personal FM system streaming microphone that should be worn by a communication partner in conjunction with the hearing aids in order to improve speech clarity.


The ReSound UniteTM Mini Microphone is extremely easy to use:

  • Clear sound transmitted directly to your hearing aids with a range of 5-20 feet
  • Secure, private connection
  • Plug and play streamer to hear your iPod, laptop, radio or TV when you’re on the go
  • Operating time of 8 ½ hours
  • Fully recharged in 3 hours with included charger
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