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We have the privilege of serving a wide variety of people with diverse hearing health care needs. It is our mission and passion to keep you on a CLEAR PATH to better hearing and ear health.

We have the privilege of serving a wide variety of people with diverse hearing health care needs. It is our mission and passion to keep you on a CLEAR PATH to better hearing and ear health.

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Hearing Aids

Clear Choice Hearing & Balance carries the latest technology and hearing aids for the treatment of tinnitus and hearing loss in Rochester, NY.

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Let us help you find the best and most effective treatment options for tinnitus to lessen the impact of phantom noise. You don’t have to “just live with it”!

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Pediatric Audiology

Hearing care customized for kids and those with special needs. We provide kid-friendly hearing tests.

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Balance & Dizziness

We can diagnose the cause of these problems, so that we can help you find the most effective treatments. You may be suffering needlessly!

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Middle Ear Fluid

Early detection of hearing problems is crucial for enabling language development and learning.

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Auditory Processing Disorder

Hearing problems can be caused by the aging process, exposure to loud or constant noise, wax build-up, injuries or illnesses, heredity, birth defects, middle ear infections, tumors or certain medications.

The Best in Pediatric Audiology

Even a mild hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop speech appropriately.

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At Clear Choice Hearing and Balance our Audiologists are well trained to help identify hearing loss early so as to avoid any preventable speech delays. We provide our patients with up-to-date technology to accurately perform hearing diagnostics and a safe, fun, and energetic environment that will keep you and your child at ease during the appointment.

Do you Suffer From Tinnitus or Hearing Loss?

The best way to begin your road to better hearing and balance is with an appointment for a diagnostic hearing evaluation with our doctors of audiology.

Our Rochester, NY hearing centers are specialists in tinnitus and hearing loss assessment and therapy. Clear Choice Hearing and Balance provides comprehensive diagnostic hearing tests, dizziness/equilibrium testing, interpretation and treatment, audiological rehabilitation, hearing aid fitting, adult auditory processing disorders and hearing conservation, as well as pediatric audiology. We provide state-of-the art treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus with hearing aids and devices that are nearly invisible and easy to use.

Clear Choice Hearing & Balance takes the “Team Approach” to your healthcare by collaborating with physicians and other medical professionals in the Rochester, NY area. Make an appointment today for a hearing test and evaluation and start hearing better. It will change your life!

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Why Choose Clear Choice?

"I never thought I had an option with my ear with a large perforation in it from radiation from sinus cancer. The headaches were outrageous but the worse was hearing cicadas in my ear which was the tinnitus. Every night was a nightmare of sleep. Thanks to everyone at Clear Choice Hearing, I feel like a new person. Everyone was very accommodating and a joy to work with. I will be indebted for life. THANK YOU"
Sharon D

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