Auditory Processing Disorder

Hearing problems can be caused by the aging process, exposure to loud or constant noise, wax build-up, injuries or illnesses, heredity, birth defects, middle ear infections, tumors or certain medications. Many people develop hearing problems slowly, without being aware that their hearing is impaired. Others suffer rapid, dramatic losses of hearing they are acutely aware of and that need medical attention.

Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss Include:

  • auditory processing disordersFrequently asking people to repeat themselves
  • People appear to mumble when they speak
  • A “plugged” sensation in the ears
  • “Ringing” in the ears
  • Difficulty understanding speech amid background noise
  • Turning up the television louder than normal
  • Difficulty understanding on the telephone
  • Difficulty locating the direction sounds are coming from

Why You Should Get Help for Hearing Loss Immediately:

  • Hearing problems frustrate and isolate people of all ages – from the very young to the very mature in age.
  • In adults, hearing impairment can affect social interaction, create emotional problems and jeopardize career progress. A study by the National Council on Aging found that individuals with untreated hearing loss are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety and are less likely to participate in social activities.
  • In children, hearing problems can cause speech/language delays, delay learning and stand as an obstacle to relationships that are healthy.
  • Hearing loss may be a symptom of a medical condition that may be treatable. A diagnostic evaluation will determine the type of loss and help guide treatment options.

Clear Choice Hearing and Balance Offers:

  • Complete Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations (to assess the type and degree of hearing impairment)/li>
  • Hearing Instrument Selection & Fittings (advanced digital & computer programmable technology)/li>
  • Tinnitus diagnosis and treatment/li>
  • Adult Auditory Processing Disorder diagnosis/li>
  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations for Children/li>
  • High-fidelity Custom Ear Plugs, Ear-level monitors for musicians, Hearing Protection for firearms use & Swim Plugs for all ages/li>
  • Hearing Protection/conservation Devices/li>
  • Assistive Listening Devices (for noisy environments, TV and telephone use)/li>
  • Community Outreach Programs & Presentations/li>
  • Repairs for all makes and styles of hearing aids
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